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Our New Nd:YAG laser has arrived! 1000 mJ/pulse @ 30Hz, 532 nm #westernu

Ohhh it has been a LOOONNNGGGG wait but the PCL has taken a big step towards getting back in action. Our new laser was trucked in today and Emily and Robin were there to meet it. Fortunately for them so were Caroline from the Western Environmental Field Station and several real nice folks from the ICFAR lab with strong backs and a forklift. As you can see in the picture they were certainly needed. I thought 2 people would be able to lift the laser head, but it was hard to get it on the table with 5! We are hoping to get it operational Monday and have our fingers crossed it will robustly meet its spec of 1000 mJ/pulse at 30 Hz in the green.

More to follow!


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