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27 Dec 2016

Hello, I’m Bob Sica. I’m a lidarologist, which is a word I made up for someone who works with atmospheric lidars (optical analog of a radar using a laser for the transmitter and a telescope for a receiver; here’s a simple description. My group at The University of Western Ontario uses lidars to study the atmosphere from the ground to the edge of space. We are particularly interested in temperature, composition and aerosols and are keen to get Canadian students involved with the project.

Our primarily research tool is the Purple Crow Lidar, but we are also actively involved with a DIAL ozone lidar in the high Canadian Arctic in Eureka at the PEARL-CANDAC observatory and have recently gotten a ceilometer for air quality measurements, located at Western’s Cronyn Observatory.

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Bob Sica
Chair, Department of Physics and Astronomy
The University of Western Ontario


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