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Why is this scientist smiling? Read the meter: 981mJ GREEN @ 30Hz. Game on! #lidar

Well after a very long time the Crows are happy to report that we appear to have our laser issues resolved and we are hoping to be able to resume routine operations with our new transmitter. As the meter shows we are getting close to 1 J per pulse (@ 30 Hz) of green light from our new YAG. We were here before last March, but got stymied as the power quickly decayed. This problem appeared to be due to heat building up inside the system. Litron solved this problem by designing new covers with exhaust fans. There were also some internal times issues that appear to be resolved. We were also able to try our new beam expander, and it looks like we don't have any serious clipping issues (the beam was a bit larger than anticipated, but fixing the timing issues and changing lamps got us back to its nominal value).

Needless to see we are very happy and can get back to work, but without Crow Emily for a bit. She is up in Eureka working with the CANDAC CRL lidar system until April. We'll keep you posted on that.

See a few more snaps from the install here.

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