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Recollections of the ISSI Lidar Temperature and Ozone Algorithms Working Group: Meeting 3

Wow been just over a week since I left Switzerland after a (hard!) working group meeting on lidar temperature and ozone algorithms (part of the Network for Detection of Atmospheric Composition Change, NDACC, lidar group). The International Space Science Institute was very accommodating to us, the weather was too nice (hard to work indoors through much of the day) and the meeting extremely productive. The group (including NDACC lidar scientists not at this meeting) is working on various issues of our data analysis with the goal of further improving the uniformity of the global data sets available from the NDACC program. During the week we spent considerable time on several details, some of which seem at first to not be important to the problem at hand. For instance, using our temperature measurements in the middle and upper atmosphere to investigate atmospheric change requires a fairly precise knowledge of Earth’s gravity at the surface. So we have to expand our expertise beyond the atmosphere into other areas, which to me is a fun part of being a scientist.

Our working group leader Thierry had us marching along in tight formation all and we obediently followed (for a bunch of scientists).

We worked hard all day but enjoyed dining together in the evening.

And not to worry! I got both a goat bell

and a cowbell (slightly smaller :-)

Pat and I have been happily clanging away all week. Here are a couple more pictures.

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