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CANDAC’s Eureka Observatory Featured in the #GlobeAndMail #GlobeNorth

Crow Emily is featured in this timely article on the important scientific work being done in the Canadian high arctic at Eureka:
For Emily McCullough, a Ph.D student at the University of Western Ontario who is working at the lab, its key benefits include the powerful lessons she’s learned about how to do professional research, from planning a major experiment to anticipating problems like “what happens if the wolves come and chew my cables.” 
But it’s also a place where she feels the work she does has an impact on Canada’s relationship to the rest of humanity. “Canada’s got a heck of a lot of the Arctic,” Ms. McCullough says. “It would be really great if we could contribute something to the understanding of it as a whole.”
How Canada’s Arctic lab keeps a watchful eye on climate change - The Globe and Mail

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