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New Look / First Look at the Cronyn Ceilometer

Blog has moved! (15 Jan 2023)

New science stuff in My Bobiverse is here.

Cronyn ceilometer measurements on 19-20 Dec 2016.

New Blog, New ceilometer

  • Hope you like the new blog look. Thanks to the awesome github community getting away from a commercial service and to a light, fast markdown blog was easy peasy. Thanks world.

  • Also thanks to the Faculty of Science at Western, we were able to get a ceilometer for Cronyn Observatory. The image above shows off the ability of the ceilometer to characterise the troposphere. Much more on this to come.

Quick Ceilometer Facts

  1. It’s pronounced “see-lo-meter”. My Nouveau Joisey accent tends to put anywhere from 2 to 4 extra syllables between the see, the lo and the meter. Just ignore that.

  2. The ceilometer is identical in principle to a lidar. Here is a quick lidar tutorial.

  3. We will be collaborating with the Remote Sensing Group at MeteoSwiss to do some way cool studies with chains of these instruments. More later.

  4. It looks like a “plucky droid”. I like that.

Our plucky Lufft Nimbus Ceilometer, with Crows Ali and Jeff.

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